Skills Outcomes Analysis

A Detailed Occupational Skill & Learning Outcome Alignment and Gap Analysis System

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Welcome to the Skills Outcomes Analysis ( website. The purpose of this public view site is to present results of analysis of job skills to course learning outcomes alignment data from various college degree plans and programs entered by plan administrators from colleges across the state of Texas.

After selecting a plan you can view crosswalk, GAP analysis, and program Labor Market Value™ information as well as plan, courses, learning outcomes, advisory committee, job titles and plan administrator information.

If you are a plan administrator for a Texas college click on the Plan Administrator link in the red status bar. You would enter detailed plan course information into the system, check it, then export it. After plan data has been entered then it is evaluated by a program analyst and once analyzed program crosswalk, gap analysis and labor market value data will become available under the analysis tab.

Click on the About link to see additional information including a Bird's Eye view of the project, project overview, project documents, contact list, and a list of the educational institutions and state agencies instrumental to the successful completion of this project as well as the development of the public and administrative SOA websites.

Click on the Terms link in the red status bar above for a summary of Terminology and Concepts used throughout the Skills Outcomes Analysis public and administration websites.